I’m on Patreon!

I started this blog because my therapist recommended I start a journal. So I followed her advice and I started by writing down my story in a Google doc. I shared the initial draft with my friends, and thought I might as well put it online. That first doc is what became the first two posts of this blog.

Since then things have been crazy. It’s gotten far more reach than I ever could have expected. So now I’ve decided to join Patreon.

You don’t have to worry though, as none of my posts will be marked as patron only. I will never lock content behind a paywall. Instead, I’m offering early sneak peaks at my work in progress posts, and the chance to vote on and suggest future topics to write about! Exciting!

So if you like my content, and want to support me spending my free time posting about my life story and experiences, click the link and become my patron.

Thank you so much for reading. <3

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